WV Emerging Leaders Institute (WV ELITE)

The WV Emerging Leaders Institute is a year-long program designed to strengthen the leadership capacity of the West Virginia Community Action Network. The program incorporates formal training, peer networking, and individual exploration.

The eight modules of interactive learning include:

  • Leadership
  • Public Administration
  • Fiscal Integrity
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advocacy
  • Cultural Competency
  • Performance Evaluation

Components of the Program

Leadership Assessment
At the start of the program, each participant completes a leadership assessment, giving them the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership styles and use the results to build on their leadership skills.

Leadership Activities
Participants engage in a series of leadership activities that provide opportunities for discussion and sharing.

Peer Networking
There are ample opportunities, both formal and informal, for participants to get to know one another and build a peer support network.

Building Knowledge and Skills
Throughout the program, a variety of webinars/trainings are held where the participants have the opportunity to learn and build on leadership skills and expand their knowledge.

Prior to each webinar/training participants are assigned an article or chapter of a book to read and discuss.

Who Should Apply

WVCAP encourages all CAA staff who are looking to enhance their leadership skills, increase their connectedness to Community Action, and strengthen their relationships with CAA staff to apply. There is value in this program for anyone working in Community Action.

What is the schedule?

The WV ELITE schedule consists of three in person sessions and five webinars. Dates will vary each year, but we strive for the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month. The first meeting is usually in July and runs through April of the following year.

How to apply?

Interested applicants should complete the WVCAP ELITE Application and WVCAP ELITE Recommendation Form and submit by the designated deadline.

WVCAP Emerging Leaders’ Institute for Training and Excellence
2020 Application Form

The WVCAP Emerging Leaders’ Institute for Training and Excellence (ELITE) welcomes your application. Please complete all sections of this form as applicable and attach the required responses to essay questions and your recommendation form, which are found at the end of this application.

Please email the completed application, short essays and recommendation to Mary Chipps, mchipps@suddenlinkmail.com by September 30, 2020